Air Conditioning Tips at Home

Air conditioning is a necessary investment in keeping your home comfortable. While hiring a professional to clean your system and catch any potential problems can help, there are many things that you can do at home to reduce cooling costs and energy usage. More info:

Cool and Cost-Effective: Money-Saving Tips for Home Air Conditioning

1. Keep the Sun out

Direct sunlight can heat up your home quickly, forcing your AC to work harder to maintain comfortably cool temperatures. Ensure your curtains and blinds are closed during the day, and consider tinting your windows to limit solar gain. Planting trees with broad canopies over your house on the east and west sides can also help to temper the sun’s rays and the effect on your home temperature.

2. Use Fans

Ceiling and floor fans can help to circulate cooled air around the room, allowing your AC to operate more efficiently. Be sure that your ceiling fan is set to operate counter-clockwise during the summer, and don’t forget to use your bathroom fans before and after taking a shower to help eliminate excess humidity.

3. Close Unused Spaces

If you’re not using a space, shut its doors and close its vents. This will redirect cooled air toward the areas you’re actually spending time in and avoid paying to cool empty rooms.

It’s a good idea to leave your thermostat at a fixed temperature when you’re not in the house, rather than constantly fiddling with it. This can cut your energy bills by a considerable amount over the course of a month.

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