Car Seat Covers

car seat covers

Car seat covers  protect your seats from typical wear and tear, spills and dirt. They also add a personal touch to your vehicle’s interior and can help maintain resale value. These covers are usually made of leather, polyurethane or blended materials. Some have a camouflage print to conceal dirt. Most are machine washable but check the label to make sure. If you are not comfortable using a washing machine, soak the cover in lukewarm water with a mild soap or detergent and rub vigorously to remove dirt. Let it air dry, then buff with a microfibre cloth.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Car Seat Cover

If you want to keep your original upholstery looking its best, opt for a seat cover in a color that matches the interior of your vehicle. Many cover models feature a premium OEM look, so they can blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior design. A few even have a stitched leather accent that complements your vehicle’s leather seats.

For a more rugged look, consider a cover that’s designed for people who like to swim, bike or ski. It’s made of a soft, towel-like material that’s waterproof, odor-resistant and machine washable. Reviewers say it’s easy to install and offers a good fit, although some find the fabric isn’t as plush as they’d like.

Another popular option is a cover made of neoprene, which can withstand sweat and abrasions and offer a cool, moisture-absorbing feel. This type of cover can get hot, though, so it’s important to consider the climate where you live when selecting a fabric.

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