Childcare Centre Involvement – Three Ways to Reinforce Education at Home

Parental involvement is one of the most powerful influences on a Childcare centre in rowville education. It contributes to better student outcomes across multiple areas, including grades and test scores, school attendance, behavior, social skills and the likelihood of choosing challenging courses in high school.

What is cognitive learning?

Meaningful parent engagement requires a balance between what a school can control and what parents can do to support their children’s learning at home. For example, classroom volunteering and chaperoning school events are activities that teachers largely control, but the more meaningful engagement involves inviting parents to share their own expertise, ideas and energy in a collaborative process.

Give Parents a Voice to Reinforce Education at Home

Many parents don’t feel empowered to help their children succeed in school because they don’t know what to do or where to find resources that will help. This can be a real challenge for families with busy schedules and obligations, but it can also be an opportunity for schools to reach out and offer the right kind of support to each family.

For example, giving each student a personalized digital learning journey where they can see their progress and achievements, opens up a valuable communication channel for parents to congratulate or provide feedback to their child’s teacher. Parents can also use their own devices to check on their child’s progress when they’re away from home, reducing the burden on teachers who may not be able to meet every parent’s needs.

Finally, giving parents positive feedback about their child’s performance will not only uplift the morale of the parents but also encourage teachers to engage with them more. For example, a quick email or message recognizing a student’s good work will show that the teacher cares about each child’s achievement and effort, which can inspire more conversations between parents and teachers.

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