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Dominic pursued a career in law to help innovators protect and commercialize their IP business assets. He works with industry leaders to solve complex issues in all aspects of intellectual property rights management from licensing and transactions to full-scale litigation. He has counselled many public and private companies, government agencies, academic institutions and individual inventors in patent and trademark prosecution, portfolio development, licensing and enforcement issues.Source :https://mwaip.com/

Finding Your Niche: Targeted Approaches to IP Recruitment

In the not-too distant past, it was easy to quarantine sensitive and confidential information – it could be locked away in desk drawers or filed under lock and key. But today, it’s incredibly easy for employees to move and use IP they created at their previous employers on their personal devices (iPhones, laptops and tablets), or through cloud-based file-sharing services. And this creates new risks for businesses that can find themselves liable for breach of confidence or copyright infringement even if they didn’t have actual knowledge of the IP at their old workplace.

One way to reduce this risk is to make it clear to potential candidates that you don’t want them bringing IP into your business from their previous employer – perhaps for liability reasons or from a corporate responsibility point of view. Another is to promote and reinforce a culture of respect for third party IP rights in your induction process and in job ads.

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