Key Lime Strain

A sativa-indica hybrid that delivers a calming, stress-relieving body high, key lime strain offers the curious cannabis connoisseur an intriguing flavor profile and unique aroma. Its citrusy scent is complemented by an equally complex flavor that some describe as minty and almost chocolatey.

Why is key lime so good?

This weed variety is named after its namesake dessert but it also has an interesting connection to the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Its parents are both derived from the legendary OG Kush, so you can expect strong indica effects as well as a relaxing body high.

Growers report that key lime strain is a fairly easy cultivar to manage and it flowers in just over two months, at which point it produces about 1.95 ounces per plant in soil or hydroponics. Buds appear small and dense and are usually green in color with a few hints of purple from plants that were grown under cooler conditions. The buds are sticky and hard to break apart, and they have a lemony-mint scent that’s complemented by flavors of candy and spice.

This strain is a good choice for evening use because it tends to put users in a mellow mood, letting their rushing thoughts settle down and their muscles relax. As a result, it’s often used to treat stress, anxiety, depression and muscle tension as well as chronic pain. It’s also useful for people who suffer from insomnia because it can help to induce sleep. If you’re interested in trying key lime strain, look for it at your favorite marijuana dispensary or order it online from a reputable dealer.

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