Lit Extracts Canada Review

lit extracts Canada is a Canadian company that produces a variety of quality cannabis extract products. They use top quality flower grown in beautiful British Columbia to make their products. This provides the best possible product for their users. They produce Distillate, Live Resin and HTFSE.

Quality Assurance at Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries

All of their extracts are made with high quality organic terpenes to generate amazing flavor and effects. They have a wide selection of strains that are sure to please every user. They also have a line of disposable THC vape pens. These are very discreet and potent. The disposable pens contain 1g of oil, and can be filled with any of their many different concentrates.

The LITL 1 has a glass mouthpiece, ceramic heating chamber, haptic feedback and an 850mah battery in a tiny chassis. It only has one temperature setting but for the price it is still an excellent option.

Health Canada encourages continued high-quality research on the safety and efficacy of cannabis and its analogues for medical uses, and recommends that all health products containing phytocannabinoids be subject to the same rigorous standards of safety, efficacy, and quality as other prescription drugs. These recommendations will be reviewed on a regular basis as further high-quality research becomes available and experience with the use of health products containing cannabis accumulates both in Canada and internationally.

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