MUGA Pitch Installers

MUGA pitch installers

MUGA pitch installers are a valuable asset to sporting facilities and schools. They are responsible for building a high-quality, durable sports surface that can be used for a variety of different games and activities. They work closely with the clients to make sure the project is carried out according to specifications and budget constraints. They are also able to offer maintenance and repair services once the facility has been installed.

Designed as an alternative to expensive natural grass sports pitches, MUGA help institutions, communities and even professional sports teams optimize limited space and budgets. They allow multiple sports to be played in one area, avoiding the need for multiple facilities, equipment and specialized training areas. MUGAs also require little to no maintenance, making them cost efficient to operate and maintain.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right MUGA Pitch Installers

There are a few different types of MUGA surfaces. A tarmac-based surface with specialist infill sand is the most common. This type of MUGA surface is primarily intended for football and rugby. A more durable option is 3G artificial grass which has shock-absorbing properties to reduce the impact of falls and tackles.

Another great benefit of a MUGA is that it can be used all year round. These sports areas are typically perforated to avoid water logging and allow for rapid drainage of water. This is especially beneficial when the weather changes. This means students can continue to practice their sport or activity, regardless of the conditions.

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