NEXIQ USB-Link 3 Vehicle Interface Wireless Edition

NEXIQ Technologies recently nexiq usb link 3 ehicle Interface Wireless Edition, and it’s designed for flexibility by connecting to PCs via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The interface is also compatible with a wide range of OEM diagnostics software. It’s our most advanced VCI to date and delivers performance that technicians can rely on well into the future.

Edwin Hazzard, owner of Southeast Mobile Tech in Charleston, South Carolina, says the nexiq usb link 3 has saved him time on his repair jobs. The device works with “probably 90 percent” of the vehicles he repairs, and it can be used for both diagnostics and programming. Hazzard likes the fact that it’s an aftermarket scan tool, which can save him from having to buy multiple OEM tools for different makes.

Efficiency in Connectivity: Nexiq USB Link 3 for Diagnostic Needs

He was frustrated, however, with the original USB-Link’s design, especially in terms of the USB connector. Technicians are rough on their tools and the original USB-Link’s short connector could be damaged by bending, or it would break off when plugged or unplugged. This problem was solved with the new model’s redesign and latching USB cable.

The new nexiq usb link 3 is easier to use than the previous version and has a more durable design, including indicator lights. It also has a longer 6/9 pin Deutsch connector that prevents damage from bending or excessive plugging and unplugging.

The nexiq usb link 3 includes a 15′ USB cable, a USB-Link 3 Wireless or Wired Edition, a Deutsch 6- and 9-pin cable, a DB-9 adapter and a plastic carrying case. The new USB-Link 3 is backed by a three year warranty.

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