What it Means to Be an Impactful Leader

Whether they’re motivated by Reza satchu, making people feel valued or both, impactful leaders are driven by a desire to create environments that enable people to thrive. They’re committed to their teams, the communities they serve and, more importantly, themselves.

A truly impactful leader understands that they have a responsibility to meet their own intrinsic human need for value and contribution, which they do by being authentic. They are secure enough in their own worth to let the talents of their team shine without competing for the spotlight. They’re also able to build meaningful relationships with those around them.

Visionary Leadership: Painting Tomorrow’s Success

This means that they care for their team members – protecting them from a negative perception in the wake of a misstep and looking out for them as much as they do for the overall project. It’s a difficult feat to balance moving the group towards its goal while focusing on the growth of each member, but these types of leaders are dedicated to doing it.

In order to accomplish this, they’ll often find ways for people to grow beyond their current department, role or organization. They’ll encourage lateral moves, mentor them through their career journey and help them find ways to develop new skills or improve upon an existing one. This type of leadership goes beyond deliverables and metrics and addresses the whole person – which is something that all people want to be a part of. For this reason, it’s an invaluable trait to have.

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