How Epoxy Flooring Can Transform Your Garage

When it comes to commercial floors, epoxy resin is the perfect solution. It’s applied as a thin layer only 3-6mm thick over your existing concrete floor and can be finished to either a high gloss or textured & slip resistant finish. It’s hardwearing, easy to clean and very cost-effective. This makes it the ideal choice for most commercial and light industrial spaces including mechanic shops, food courts and communal office areas.

Is epoxy floor permanent?

Epoxy floors is a type of resin that when mixed with hardener creates a strong and durable floor coating. It’s also very visually appealing and comes in a variety of colours to suit your space. It’s popular for garage floors and showrooms as it adds a sleek and shiny surface to the floor. It’s an easy-to-clean option and is highly stain resistant. It doesn’t scratch easily, however like any type of flooring it can be damaged if something sharp enough is dropped on it.

Our Taskers are skilled and experienced in melbourne epoxy flooring, with the ability to transform your garage floor into a customised bespoke surface that will look great and last for years. They start by testing your floor for moisture, ensuring it’s free of any oil or grease and soda blasting the concrete to remove rubber residue. They then apply a primer, followed by two coats of epoxy. This can be done in a single day, allowing you to get back to using your garage again quickly.

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