Where to Find a Legal Cannabis Shop in Canada

In cannabis shops in Canada, where cannabis has been legalized for recreational use since October 2018, adults can purchase it legally in a government-run retail shop or private dispensary. Some provinces also allow residents to grow up to four plants at home if they meet strict rules.

Stores can be found in most Canadian cities, though they tend to have a higher presence in the western part of the country. For example, a recent search of cannabis shops in Toronto yielded more than 50 results. That’s likely a reflection of the rapid growth in retail sales that’s taken place over the past year. The growth in stores may also help drive down prices, which in turn could attract more customers to the market.

Canadian Delights: Navigating the Best Online Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada

The best legal cannabis retailer is a store called 104 Street Cannabis in Calgary, which has received top reviews from multiple customers and boasts a wide selection of products. It is followed by the Meta Cannabis store in Manitoba, which receives 4 stars from several reviewers.

In terms of accessibility, Prince Edward Island has the lowest average distance to a store at 34 km in July 2019, which is significantly shorter than the 66 km distance observed in March and the 54 km distance seen in Alberta in both March and July. In contrast, Ontario ranks relatively low in proximity and accessibility measures due to the late roll-out of the province’s private retail stores. But those rankings are expected to improve as more stores open.

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