Types of Playground Surfacing in Buckinghamshire

Choosing the right playground surfacing buckinghamshire for your school or nursery is vital for both safety and aesthetics. The surface should be hard-wearing and easily cleanable, and it should also withstand heavy use and weathering. It should also be resistant to bacteria and pests. If you’re considering a synthetic surface, ask for a warranty that covers both material and labour. If you choose a unitary material, be sure to find out its performance warranty and check whether it has a high critical fall height (CFH).

The most common type of playground surfacing is wet pour rubber flooring. It has great shock absorption and is suitable for a range of play equipment. It can be used in a variety of colours and can be fitted to existing tarmac or grass areas.

Choosing the Safest Playground Surfacing in Buckinghamshire: A Comprehensive Guide

Another popular option is rubber tiles, which have similar properties to wet pour and are easier to install. However, they aren’t as customizable and can look less attractive than other options.

If you want a more natural-looking playground surface, try bonded rubber mulch. It’s made from shredded rubber held together with a binder and installed over a concrete sub-base. This type of surface is great for woodland-themed areas and timber trim trails, and it has good CFH and anti-slip properties. If you choose this type of surfacing, it’s best to keep it clean by regularly removing weeds and other debris. Also, raking and topping up the mulch occasionally will help it stay in good condition.

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